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Transform free-form court documents into high accuracy structured data and automate your case management business processes!

Data Extraction
for Clerks


Eliminate manual document review and automatically extract structured case management system data from any document filing. Intellidact LBX Learn By Example software provides advanced machine learning to understand your unique documents and specific data extraction requirements.

Document Classification for Clerks


Improve case filing and docketing workflows using Intellidact document classification and separation.  Intellidact classification software provides advanced machine learning to automatically classify and validate your filed documents by both layout and content, minimizing human review.

Data Redaction
for Clerks


Automatically remove personal identity and confidential information from court documents using Intellidact redaction.  Intellidact redaction software provides advanced machine learning to redact both common personally identifiable information (PII) and complex conceptual based case information.

Robotic Process Automation for Clerks


Increase staff efficiency and reduce data entry labor using Intellidact Process Automation. Intellidact Process Automation provides software robots that navigate your case management system application making data based decisions then performing data entry with zero errors.

About CSI

Computing System Innovations (CSI) is America’s leading provider of automated indexing, redaction, and classification solutions. CSI’s flagship product, Intellidact, increases workflow efficiencies via automated document classification and data extraction, while using redaction to reduce the risk of privacy information leakage. Intellidact has been selected for use in enterprise scale projects across the United States, processing over 6.3 Billion images for 600+ customers in 21 states.


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