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Intellidact Classification

Intellidact classification software provides advanced machine learning to automatically classify and validate documents by both layout and content, minimizing human review and enabling automatic routing.

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Key Features

Document Processing

Using content and content-based algorithms Intellidact Classification allows users to process structured forms as well as free-text documents with high accuracy.

Fifth Generation Engine

State of the art machine learning technology allows you to classify new document types as they arrive.

User Trainable System

User Controlled Machine Learning keeps you from exposing documents and data to software vendor solutions that only provide off-site learning and deliver fragile regular expression rules-based systems. No programming knowledge required.

Benchmark Accuracy

Our solution takes the guesswork out of the training and testing process with our benchmarking tool, which allows users to monitor system performance and accuracy.

Ease of Use

The solution features a universal document interface that requires zero software development.

Document Heatmaps

During the classification process, document images will display a heat map, reflecting the areas in which the system classified the document based on the layout. The darker the color the more important the feature.

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About CSI

Computing System Innovations (CSI) is America’s leading provider of automated indexing, redaction, and classification solutions. CSI’s flagship product, Intellidact, increases workflow efficiencies via automated document classification and data extraction, while using redaction to reduce the risk of privacy information leakage. Intellidact has been selected for use in enterprise scale projects across the United States, processing over 6.3 Billion images for 600+ customers in 21 states.


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