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Intellidact Redaction

Your organization can be confident that it is in full compliance with new privacy laws and protected from the risk of fraud and identity theft using a fully scalable, flexible, easy-to-use and accurate user trainable enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Data Redaction Products

Key Features

Future Proofing

Protects against changing privacy requirements while saving time and money with one document processing.

Paragraph Content Locator

Identifies and redacts state and federally regulated pieces of information embedded in paragraphs on business reports.

Native PDF & PDF/A Support

PDF metadata inspection and removal ensures that PII, PHI, and PCI DSS information is protected.

GPU Processing

Document processing just got a whole lot faster! Intellidact Redaction offers GPU processing, allowing you to process thousands of pages per second.

Text Processing

Intellidact Redaction can process cursive script, handprint, MICR, OMR and Barcodes with 99.95% accuracy.

Advanced Machine Learning

Our fifth-generation engine easily trains to redact data from examples users provide. No expertise in regular expression “rules” or custom software development required.

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We guarantee 100% privacy. We will not share your information.”

About CSI

Computing System Innovations (CSI) is America’s leading provider of automated indexing, redaction, and classification solutions. CSI’s flagship product, Intellidact, increases workflow efficiencies via automated document classification and data extraction, while using redaction to reduce the risk of privacy information leakage. Intellidact has been selected for use in enterprise scale projects across the United States, processing over 6.3 Billion images for 600+ customers in 21 states.


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Our products are proven solutions which are revolutionizing the way people solve their information security issues – every day. And our passion for this mission makes us strive to build even better solutions for you – every day.


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